Going on a shorter 7hr road trip- want vegetarian sandwiches to eat on the way that aren't too messy- Suggestions?!

I keep thinking some sort of melted cheese sandwiches but I'm obviously worried about the texture mid-ride. Salads are out right? Gah. THANKS AND HELP AND THANKS!



K.Mihalo August 20, 2015
It's so funny that you suggested eggplant- I ended up fixing a potato-pesto salad-ish (the pesto being roasted almonds, olive oil, lemon juice, chives, basil) and slices of roasted eggplant. I sliced up some mozz and salted tomatoes in a separate container- because the passenger can apply that to the already prepared sandwich. My road food ended up being what I had leftover from farmers market- which is (this time of year) eggplant, tomato, herbs4dayzzz. Thanks Nancy! Can't wait until I'm a trusted home cook. ;)
Nancy August 21, 2015
Ha-ha! You get to be one when you've made enough mistakes...learning from each one, meanwhile eating and serving the successes.
Nancy August 20, 2015
slices of roasted eggplant with (depending on mutual tolerance) raw onion, dark green lettuce, a few leaves of fresh basil and slices of mozzarella, or your choice of cheese on good ciabatta or rough country bread. This is usually made with mayo, but for a long room-temp situation, use mayo, pesto or aioli (again, both of you need to like this or omit from the sandwiches). Last, it is commonly made with sliced tomatoes, but for car picnic, have grape or cherry tomatoes to eat whole on the side. Heavenly.
Nancy August 20, 2015
sorry. typo...should suggest instead of mayo: butter, pesto or aioli.
Kris August 20, 2015
My family usually packs a sweet and a savory kind.
Savory options :
1. potato filling ( boiled potatoes and peas, mildly spiced and sauteed for a few minutes. ) best made in a sandwich maker or panini press
2. cucumber and butter with salt and pepper ( this one is great with untoasted bread and keeps well for a few hours. Pat the cucumber slices on a paper towel before assembling)
3. vegetables of choice ( and paneer or tofu), grilled or raw with cream cheese and pesto ( or mint chutney if you want to experiment).
4. Sandwiches with Trader Joe's Masala burgers.

1. Apples and jam ( preferably apricot) grilled in a sandwich maker or panini press. Thinly slice the apples, we prefer apples to bananas as they will get a bit soft but not mushy and wont make the sandwiches soggy.
2Nutella and strawberries, but pat the strawberries in a paper towel .
K.Mihalo August 20, 2015
Potatoes and peas would be amazing, and I just made massaman curry paste! All of these are perfect- you're the best!!
Alex W. August 20, 2015
The guys at Court Street Grocers in Brooklyn have a pretty spot on formula for vegetarian sandwiches called R.P.R.P. (raw, pureed, roasted, and pickled). They have a seasonal sandwich called the Uncle Chucky that currently has roasted cauliflower, pumpkin seed romesco (pureed), red onion (raw), pickled fennel, and arugula. They hold up pretty well too since none of the ingredients are too wet.
K.Mihalo August 20, 2015
I will definitely maneuver around copying this sandwich. Alas, our trip is from Omaha, Nebraska to Chicago, but I mean, this detour doesn't seem unreasonable to me. :) Thanks Alex!
jilhil August 20, 2015
Pan Bagnat - because it gets better as it sits. Leave out any tuna or anchovy from the recipe and you have a great vegetarian sandwich. You also leave out the egg and add chickpeas if you want to up your protein and have a vegan sandwich.

These can be a little messy if you overfill them, but taste so good you won't mind. But, think about wraps if you want something less messy.
K.Mihalo August 20, 2015
I accidentally didn't write pescetarian- but Pan Bagnat is perfect!! I'm not as appose to messy- but my husband has a very strict, history-driven view on sandwiches (that story where they were created for men playing poker so they could eat without smudging up their cards.) Thank you Jil!
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