What are your favorite beach-friendly snacks?

Juicy watermelon slices? Carefully composed sandwiches? We'd love to know what you're bringing to the beach this summer (sans melting and messiness, of course!).

Emily Kochman


Jennifer W. June 10, 2021
A salty bagged snack (white cheddar popcorn/cheddar pretzels/corn chips), precut fruit, wraps (chicken salad), baby carrots and hummus, and usually homemade cookies- something plain that wont melt like lime coconut sugar or oatmeal!
Emily K. June 10, 2021
All super beach friendly!
HalfPint June 7, 2021
Spam musubi was invented for the beach. It is also very easy to make.
Emily K. June 10, 2021
Thanks so much, HalfPint! Quick to put together is always helpful on beach days.
Jessica M. June 3, 2021
Ok.. mine might be a teesey bit messy. My husband is OBSESSED with tacos and I am a total miser. So I love make ahead tofu tacos. A small bento box (or two) of fixin's and a silicone bag with the taco flavored tofu. Tofu will keep and be less suspect after long periods of being out of the fridge than meat. We have a plug in armrest heater/cooler and we use it to heat up the taco tofu, toss it into some premade taco shells, top with the obligatory lettuce, tomato, cheese and a squirt of sour cream from the cooler and we're good to go. My son is a toddler and my twin step daughters eat like birds, so it's been a learning curve to feed them without a LOT of waste. Beyond that, I also have a car-charger powered freezer (I am a former truck driver so we have these things lying around) and I keep frozen fresh pineapple that's been cored and cut lengthwise into sticks. Lastly, AGUA FRESCAS.. so, so, so easy and honestly, this is what the kids will drink 100% of every time. It's so simple and you can make it out of just about ANY fruit.. Put that in a large Gatorade dispenser or thermos with ice and bye- bye store bought soda and other sugar bombs. lol
Emily K. June 3, 2021
Yes please to tacos on the beach. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas, Jessica!
Emma L. June 3, 2021
Tomato sandwiches! And my mom's family-famous "Beach Mix" (like trail mix but for...the beach).
Emily K. June 3, 2021
Love your mom's thinking, Emma! And of course we'll never say no to a tomato sandwich :).
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