Grilled Cheese

I love a good Grilled Cheese sandwich. I've read so many variations but still have my favorite, sour dough bread spread on both sides with melted butter and layers of cheddar cheese. Not too fancy, but OH so good!
Do you have a favorite way to make Grilled Cheese? I'm looking to give some ideas a try. BB



Nancy August 10, 2016
I'll admit it: I thought this thread went on and on.
But today Kristen Milgore has posted Ruth Reichl Diva Grilled Cheese recipe in an article on same.
So here it is, for all you (us) devotees of grilled cheese:
Loves F. August 4, 2016
A trick I learned from Ruth Riechl, that now I live by: instead of spreading butter on the outside of the bread, use MAYO. Seriously, try it. It's amazing. (and I still put a little bit of butter in the pan as well).
BerryBaby August 5, 2016
That's exactly what I used the other day and it WAS delicious! I think I'm hooked.
weekend A. August 4, 2016
my favorite grilled cheese is swiss on rye with tons of butter, then sprinkled with coarse salt when it comes out of the pan! i also melt the butter in the pan first, then add the sandwich. i don't bother spreading the bread. seems easier somehow? and this will likely get me flamed on this board, but for me, nothing really beats soft wheat bread (dare i even say grocery store brand) with american cheese. i dip it in ketchup and i don't care who knows it!
702551 August 2, 2016
Found this from Emiko Davies:

Technically, they aren't grilled cheese sandwiches since they are deep fried, but regardless they still sound pretty good. I like good mozzarella cheese.
BerryBaby July 30, 2016
Here's is another creation I came up with as I had a craving (again!) for grilled cheese and salami tucked inside. It was great! Oh, I used Swiss Cheese this time and it had that great 'pull' when you ate it. And, yes, it is sour dough bread.
Jon B. July 29, 2016
What about this?
BerryBaby July 29, 2016
Yum! I have never had a grilled cheese that I didn't love!
Stephanie July 28, 2016
File under: "Too much is just enough"
Use multiple types of cheese in one sandwich. Salty, sharp, meltier and less melty, nutty... (eg: sharp cheddar and smoked gouda, swiss and Gruyere, etc.) The best part is when you get those little bits of cheese that drip out and crisp on the skillet.
BerryBaby July 28, 2016
Here's the olive bread grilled cheese and it was delicious! I used olive oil mayo instead of butter on the bread. HOT pan and slowly browned until cheese was melting. I caved and used cheddar. Had other cheese in the fridge but just can't get over my craving for gooey cheddar. Now, I'm going to try many of your suggestions.
PHIL July 28, 2016
that looks great. I would need a nap after eating that.
PHIL July 28, 2016
Your Guardian Chef, if you are in Palermo, you may also like to try the Sfincione pizza .
creamtea July 27, 2016
So many options and tantalizing ideas I'm ready for lunch. Don't forget a "sweet-savory" option with fig, date (silan) or quince jam; that might be worth a try, too.
BerryBaby July 27, 2016
After reading all the delicious responses, I'm making a gooey grilled cheese for lunch. Have a loaf olive bread that I'm going to try. Haven't decided on which new cheese I'll try. So many choices.
Pegeen July 26, 2016
These all sound delicious and I'm looking forward to trying some new variations. And sorry that my comment was kind of cranky the other day - the tone was unintentional (it was not a good day!). I did like reading the link to Sarah Jampel's article, "I'm not surrendering to mediocrity, but making a note to myself to reprioritize from time to time.” Unfortunately I find myself re-prioritizing too much of the time because of crunched schedules. But surely I can make room to try out a better grilled cheese sammich!
PHIL July 26, 2016
Hey, no big deal, it's just grilled cheese after all.
702551 July 26, 2016
That's okay, Pegeen, we all have those kind of days.
Stephanie July 28, 2016
We can all be a little crusty from time to time. ;-)
creamtea July 25, 2016
Beecher's Flagship Cheddar on sourdough with sliced tomato; Tillamook on an English muffin with Santa Barbara Salsa (under the broiler); ale cheddar, grainy mustard, peasant bread. Also Tillamook or Beecher's quesadillas with Santa Barbara salsa.
BerryBaby July 25, 2016
Thank you for all the suggestions. I agree with cv. The bread makes the sandwich. I have found I love sour dough from a Seattle bakery that makes the tastiest crust! With cheese I've tried all kinds, but still the old Cheddar Cheese is it for me. However, I will be trying many of your wonderful suggestions. I find a new favorite!
PHIL July 25, 2016
Just thinking , how about a croque madame or monsieur? One of my favorites. Does the addition of ham take it out of the grilled cheese category?
pierino July 25, 2016
It doesn't for me. In fact I will even use two waffle halves for the bread.
Valhalla July 25, 2016
I like to add basil and tomato in summer, and when I have nice fresh arugula, I add that and apricot jam. I usually go with a sharp cheddar in both cases. I was skeptical, but a grilled kimcheese is awesome! It is important to shred the cheese and mix with chopped kimchi.
Pegeen July 25, 2016
Cheers to CV for best answer. When food52 gives someone best answer, I assume it's because the advice meets the best mid-level answer. Not so much in this case.

In my home we eat grilled cheese as a simple meal. In winter, with homemade tomato soup. In summer, sliced tomatoes bubbling on the side of the pan, to be tucked under the top lid of the grilled cheese when it's done.

I find cv's advice too much about "professional cookery":
1) there's no time to inventory the bread (whatever we got is good),
2) no choosing wisely about cheese (whatever we got is good, just shred it or, if it's creamy, tear it into small pieces and mix with the shredded). We add sautéed tomatoes, cooked on the side of the sandwiches,
3) And there's no time to fire up the wood grill. Ahem.

But to cv, and one and all, and your next grilled cheese sandwich... cheers.
PHIL July 25, 2016
Read Sarah Jampel's article sometimes its just good enough.
702551 July 25, 2016
BerryBaby specifically asked for ideas after mentioning her favorite rendition.

So much of a dish's final result and quality will rely on the ingredients. Use better ingredients, get a better product and grilled cheese sandwiches are no exception.

I buy good bread and good cheese, not just whatever is on a shelf. That's not "professional cookery" [sic], that's called "I care about quality."

I would choose Acme Bakery's pain au levain, their ciabatta, or green onion slab. The cheeses in my fridge vary depending on my whim. Right now I have taleggio, Morbier, and grana padano.

I didn't say you can't get a good grilled cheese sandwich without a wood-fired grill, I just said it's better.

For those who want more ideas, here's an article on SF restaurants that offer grilled cheese sandwiches.

Personally, the one that interests me the most is the one from Tartine Bakery. Their bread is superb.

If you think a grilled cheese sandwich is a "whatever bread and whatever cheese we have," that's fine but that doesn't really address BerryBaby's question.
Ali W. July 25, 2016
America's Test Kitchen has a crazy good recipe for grilled cheese. You basically combine a mix of cheddar and brie and a splash of wine in the food processor and you spread the softened or melted butter mixed with a little dijon mustard on the bread. Here's the link:

Also, when I want to keep it simple, I make a regular grilled cheese on sourdough and spread a little bit of spicy peanut butter before I layer the cheese (American works with this combo). I use Peanut Butter & Co.'s "Heat is On" PB. So good
ktr July 24, 2016
My family has always topped grilled cheese sandwiches with grape jelly. And the cheese was either Velveeta, mild cheddar, or co-jack.
Nancy July 24, 2016
Another way to approach grilled cheese sandwich is like crepes in a French home a way to use leftover bits of food to make a palatable dish.
Thus, whatever good cheese and bread you have on hand, even if there are bits of more than one cheese.
PHIL July 23, 2016
Here's something a little different for you BB. I haven't made it in a few years and there is only 1 place left in Brooklyn that makes it. I guess you can call it grilled cheese. It's called a vastedda. You take FIRM fresh ricotta (like a tofu consistency) fry it in oil for a few minutes. Then you put it on a roll , top it with matchsticks pieces of caciocavallo cheese and a little pepper. Traditionally it is made with cow spleen also but I skip the spleen or you can get it with fried chickpea batter (panelle). Have you ever had it in Palermo My Guardian Chef?
pierino July 23, 2016
When it comes to grilled cheese I'm kind of an old fashioned guy. I use a sturdy multi-grain bread to maintain structural integrity---you don't want it falling apart in your hands. After that comes American cheese slices, my preference being Tillamook singles. A slice of ripe tomato and a smear grainy French mustard. Don't get me started on hot dogs.

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702551 July 22, 2016
A large part of the success of a good grilled cheese sandwich will come from the bread quality. Choose wisely.

The second major factor is the cheese quality. Again, choose wisely.

The third and last point is the grilling. These sandwiches are actually better over a wood-fired grill, not on the stovetop. Again, be judicious about how you execute your sandwich.

Good luck.
Sam1148 July 22, 2016
Shred the cheese. It melts easier.
scruz July 22, 2016
i rarely make them anymore, but i used to spread one side of bread with dijon mustard and the other with mayonnaise and grill them. mustard side went towards inside. i made one once for a 5 year old and she said, "i hate that mustard" when she saw it on the counter. she said it was the best grilled cheese sandwich she ever had. never knew that it had dijon in it. i think i used a sharp cheddar and maybe some grated onion too.
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