Need Glaze for Underpowered Banana/Zucchini Bread

I have two loaves of ho-hum banana/zucchini bread on my counter. Used a combination of cinnamon and garam masala (freshly made!) for seasoning, but the flavor is dull. Suggestions for a glaze of some sort -- badly needed!



Nancy August 23, 2015
As with carrot cake, use a cream cheese frosting, and jazz it up with citrus (lemon zest, lemon curd, orange juice).
Another idea I find works when I get less than stellar results experimenting with spice breads: add a chocolate frosting (ganache, butter cream, your preference) and almost everything is better.
drbabs August 22, 2015
Yes, I was also thinking it sounded like you needed some acid to brighten the flavor. I think the orange juice glaze sounds great.
PieceOfLayerCake August 22, 2015
Fresh orange and confectioners' sugar. I use the zest, chop it up a bit finer, and thin some confectioners' sugar out with the juice. I think orange and zucchini have a particular affinity for each other. You could do a coconut milk/confectioners' sugar glaze too and then dust it with some lightly toasted coconut.
Melusine August 22, 2015
Perfect!!! Dashing into the kitchen -- thank you.
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