Is there any safety related reason tomatoes have to be peeled before canning?



Susan W. August 26, 2015
I loathe peeling tomatoes. I don't can, I freeze and I find when I freeze them whole, the peel slips off as I bag them. The small amount left is easily removed as you prepare them for cooking. I think it saves time and headache to not peel them by blanching. The waste of water bothers me (we're in a drought here) and turning the stove on to heat a big pot of water bothers me. I have issues.
ChefJune August 26, 2015
no safety issue, just not something attractive when they detach from the tomatoes and you get them in your mouth later... Peeling them is really easy. I don't think you'll really save anything by not peeling first.
HalfPint August 26, 2015
No safety issue. The skins can be tough and annoying. They will come off the tomato flesh, in any case, when they get canned.
702551 August 26, 2015
Nope, just a convenience thing. Consumers prefer peeled canned tomatoes.
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