I'm making the NY times recipe for fake porchetta, a boneless shoulder (6-1/2lbs) slathered with an herb spread.. Could I roast it early and

I want to cook before it gets toohot outside and also have time to be out with visiting company. Yes, I know this was the wrong choice....

  • Posted by: Deanne
  • September 7, 2015


702551 September 7, 2015
Pork shoulder is a slow-cooking cut, and as such, it is fine later. After all, it's the same cut that is used for pulled pork and carnitas, both of which actually taste better when consumed later.

Pretty much all porchetta recipes claim that the roast makes fine leftovers and sandwich meat.
Jas3 September 7, 2015
The article that posted this recipe says it can be made in advance and kept at room temp for a few hours and then put in a 400 degree oven before serving. Sounds pretty forgiving but I'd check the article. Good luck!
nancy E. September 7, 2015
I find that once a pork shoulder has been cooked it is best eaten right away. It never has the same lovely flavour or texture reheated
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