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I am hosting an autumn-themed gender-neutral baby shower for a friend (we're revealing the gender at the party). Can the food52 community help me come up with some great ideas for fun baby shower finger foods?

  • Posted by: Rachel
  • September 10, 2015


Rachel September 11, 2015
Thank you to everyone who responded!!! I loved every one of these ideas, and now it's going to be really difficult to narrow it down to one... okay, maybe two... okay, I may have to throw more than one baby shower ;).
Bevi September 11, 2015
These are really the best - and maybe you could cut out the dough using a small leaf shape, or acorn shape - I use all sorts of jam flavors with these - yellow, orange and even cherry jams would carry through the theme of fall leaf colors:
Bevi September 11, 2015
I have made these:
by IPK. They are a snap to put together, and are very very popular with the crowd. You can make the dough in advance and store as a log, then defrost and slice on party day. Also using puff pastry, these little items are whimsical little things and you can use all sorts of fillings.
PieceOfLayerCake September 10, 2015
I LOVE HalfPint's idea of gougere! I make them with gorgonzola and sage, gruyere and thyme, white cheddar and dill/chives, pecorino/Parmigiano and cracked pepper, feta and versatile and so comforting. Here's a recipe: It states 5 eggs, but often (especially if you live in a dry environment) it requires a bit more.

The same cheese/herb concept translates really well into biscuits too...especially for little biscuit sliders! You could bake crackers or a savory shortbread rounds and top them with all sorts of ingredients like roasted mushrooms, tapenade, smoked salmon, caprese, etc. Puff pastry also makes a good medium for finger foods.
Stephanie September 10, 2015
A few things that I've done for various showers/open house/etc. that have been well received are...
- Antipasta skewers (which can, incidentally, double as Bloody Mary garnishes)
- Hummus (tossing in some chipotle in adobo sauce will make it a lovely orange hue) and crudites
- Mini quiche (And heck no, I don't make them myself! I do opt for pre-made convenience on these babies.)
- Sweet potato chips (particularly autumnal, don't 'cha think?)
Nancy September 10, 2015
RIffing on the waffle bar idea above (FritschKitchen) and your hummus idea: have a hummus bar, with a selection of flatbreads (pita, naan, lavash, whole wheat etc) and toppings, as often served in the Middle East...
whole garbanzos, plain cooked or roasted
zaatar in shakers
some red pepper - sweet paprika, or Aleppo, or cayenne flakes
tahini sauce
pomegranate seeds
pignoli, raw or roasted
shaker of cumin or sumac
lemon wedges
fresh herbs - mint, dill, parsley
black brined olives.

if you want to make this a main dish for a meat-eating crowd, add strips of roasted chicken or skewers of lamb

for drinks - beer, arak, wine
TheFritschKitchen September 10, 2015
I love all things sweet potatoes, and Smitten Kitchen has me roasting rounds and topping them bruschetta-like. It doesn't take too much effort and the longest part is the roasting. The salad can be made the day before as well.

My sister recently through a shower for my cousin and did a waffle bar. It was a huge success, although that was a bit more labor-intensive. You would have to recruit several waffle irons from family and friends, prepare various toppings (sweet and savory!) as well as the batter (regular, cornbread (YUM), multigrain...) It was a lot of fun, but again, it took time.

Good luck!
Stephanie September 10, 2015
Ooh, love the sweet potato idea. I'm going to have to put that on my weekend 'to-cook' list!

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HalfPint September 10, 2015
Gougeres are pretty good year -round and nice finger food for any party. It lends itself nicely to the autumn-themed shower.
HalfPint September 10, 2015
Add bonus: gougeres can be made in advance, frozen, and then reheated in the oven the day of the shower.
Bevi September 11, 2015
The NY Times has a great recipe. I make these and freeze them. They heat up like a charm, and are have great seasonal ingredients:
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