How far in advance can I bake challah?

I'd like to try baking challah for first time in anticipation of seder tomorrow night. OK to do this today? Thanks in advance!



HalfPint September 16, 2015
@helicopterina, those look beautiful.
helicopterina September 16, 2015
thank you so much, @antoniajames and @halfpint. here's a blog post with more pics. it is definitely something i want to repeat - challah baking is easy and extremely satisfying. and choosing the toppings is a whole lotta fun!

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nashama September 12, 2015
While there's no disputing the beauty (and smell!) of fresh-baked challah, I've made it a day in advance with no ill effects.
Shana tova!
helicopterina September 12, 2015
many thanks, nashama. am doing first proof now at room temp. was considering braiding 'em up after 40 minutes and leaving them to proof slowly on a pan in the fridge until tomorrow morning and bake-time. hmmm. and shana tova to you!!!
nashama September 13, 2015
Let me know how they turn out!!
helicopterina September 13, 2015
They came out beautifully after proofing (2nd round) in the fridge for 24 hours. Here's a pic!
AntoniaJames September 16, 2015
helicopterina, those round loaves are stunning! Congratulations, and thank you so much for posting the photo. You have inspired me. ;o)
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