Can I let challah rise a third time?

This is my second question in my challah making expedition, but I've hit another snag. I made a tactical error and let it rise for a second time (after I braided the loaves) on cutting boards, and now when I try to transfer to a baking sheet it gets all deflated and the pretty braid pattern is hard to detect. Will it be harmed if I punch it down, re-braid, and let it rise again before baking?

  • Posted by: LucyS
  • September 24, 2012


sdebrango September 24, 2012
I also think you should let it rise on the baking sheet so you don't risk deflating.
Author Comment
You will exhaust the yeast; you are unlikely to get an adequate third rise. Also, you will make the bread tough by reactivating the gluten.
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