Can you get wheat berries found in the bulk to sprout and grow?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


susan G. July 11, 2012
For a seed (grain or bean included) to sprout, the seed coat has to be intact. Whole buckwheat won't sprout but unhulled buckwheat will. Split peas won't sprout but whole natural chickpeas will. You probably see where this is going -- an intact wheat berry should sprout.
If it's specially marked for sprouting, that may just be a marketing gimmick to sell what you can get in a different bin or package for less, or the seeds may be fresher and likely to sprout more quickly, with fewer duds (like popping popcorn, to throw in a non sequitor).
boulangere July 11, 2012
Usually, but there may also be a section in the bulk bins section designated "For Sprouting," which may include lentils, mung beans, and various grain berries.
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