I'm trying to follow smitten kitchen's slow cooker brisket ( recipe, but I'm unclear if the 8-10 pound cut she calls for is trimmed or untrimmed; it's supposed to serve 8-10 people so i think it's untrimmed, but I can't tell. Can anyone help?!?!?! I'm supposed to go to costco to buy one in two hours!

  • Posted by: sarah
  • September 17, 2015


ChefJune September 18, 2015
I know tha day has passed, but I cannot imagine anyone eating a pound of brisket at Rosh hashanah dinner. There aare so many other good things to eat that most folks I know can scarcely down a slice or two. I'm sure you'll have enough meat with an 8-10 pound brisket.
702551 September 17, 2015
I looked at the photos on the Smitten Kitchen page and the brisket appears to be trimmed.

Does Costco even sell untrimmed brisket? If you have a choice, just get the trimmed one.

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Michael R. September 17, 2015
better to buy untrimmed and trim yourself as needed. but the fat is good and will largely render out during cooking. the remaining fat will keep the brisket succulent.
sarah September 17, 2015
Thank you Michael! Can you tell me how much you think I need - I just don't know if the 8-10 pound amount for 8-10 people is based on a trimmed or untrimmed brisket; I plan to buy untrimmed, but I'm not sure how much untrimmed to get.
702551 September 17, 2015
If you have to trim a ten-pound brisket, you might lose about a pound.

Do you think a pound of meat to each of YOUR diners is enough? We don't know whom you're serving, so you'll have to make the judgment call. Much of this depends on what other items you are serving. If you are also offering other meat items (grilled chicken, sausages, etc.), then a pound of brisket per person might be more than you need.

It's worth pointing out that leftover brisket can be refrigerated for several days and survives freezing quite well. Personally, I'd prefer to cook enough brisket so there would be leftovers.

Good luck.
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