Can I make ahead and reheat Apple tartlets made with filo dough?

  • Posted by: Gretta
  • September 27, 2015


PieceOfLayerCake September 27, 2015
How ahead? The morning of? They would keep quite well at room temperature, lightly covered. Day before? I would still keep them at room temperature, but tightly covered, the phyllo will soften a bit. A few days? I would refrigerate them, covered....but the phyllo will lose quite a bit of its wonderful texture.
Amy September 27, 2015
Yes...but the phyllo dough won't be quite as fresh (but still yummy). We make muffin tin "quiche" with phyllo as the crust and they "hold" up to an hour in the oven and still tastes yummy! So I don't see it as an issue, but test it first to see if the quality is what you want to serve.
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