5Tblspoons seems like quite a lot of molasses, my bread looks quite dark not like golden corn, what have i done wrong?

Anadama Bread
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Shuna L. October 7, 2015
Yes, not all molasses are created equal. If you can ask the author which she used for hers, that's helpful. I like to use molasses like a seasoning agent - I put it in, dash by glug to taste. depending on the kind, it can be too strong & overpower all other ingredients.
BakersFancy October 7, 2015
It would depend on the type of molasses you've used I would assume. A lighter molasses would not result in a darker color such as you experienced.
Bevi October 2, 2015
There is a foolproof recipe in The Bakery Lane Soup Bowl Cookbook that I used to make every week, back in my bread baking days. The loaves were always delicious. For 2 loaves, 1/2 cup molasses was added. 1/2 cup molasses = almost 8 tablespoons. Not an answer to your question, but a comparison.
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