Substitute for molasses (unsulphured)?

I'm an American living in the UK, and I'm used to baking American recipes that call for unsulphured molasses. My stash of Grandma's molasses is running low, however, and I can't find it here!

Which of the following would you suggest as the closest substitute? A combination of the following would also be great!
I have:
-blackstrap molasses
-dark corn syrup
-sorghum syrup

I also have golden syrup and light corn syrup, in case they are useful for a combination, as well as demerara sugar.


  • Posted by: Meghan
  • June 17, 2016


Susan W. June 17, 2016
Black treacle is or extremely similar to molasses. Golden treacle is not. I agree with ktr, blackstrap is super strong...I kind of like it.
ChefJune June 17, 2016
I wouldn't use blackstrap or sorghum, as both as quite a bit stronger than Grandma's unsulphured, and would change the flavor profile significantly - imho not in a good way.
Nancy June 17, 2016
ChefJune - accept, agree with your caution about the blackstrap or sorghum being too strong. Haven't used them in a while, and tend to use the lighter-colored syrups more.
ktr June 17, 2016
You may have to play around a little bit, adding a small amount of one sweetener and tasting, then adding another until you come up with a result you like. I would not add blackstrap molasses 1:1 as a replacement though; I did that once accidentally and the molasses flavor was much too strong. From what I found online, treacle is supposed to be the British form of molasses, so that might be a good place to start. Good luck!
Nancy June 17, 2016
They won't all taste the same, some will have darker or more caramelized notes than others. But I often substitute one viscous sweet syrup (agave, honey, molasses, rice syrup) for another in baking and get good - if various - results.
My Food Substitutions Bible says, if substituting sugar for 1c molasses, use 3/4c sugar and 1/4c hot water (175 + 60 ml, respectively). If using in baking,also add 1.25 tsp (6 ml) cream of tartar to replace the acidity the molasses had but the sugar doesn't.
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