White Beans/Great Northern Beans

I am making the Fennel-Rubbed Roasted Pork Shoulder with White Beans. At the store there are no dry "white beans", and no beans that are large. What kind of bean are they using in this recipe? Is there a particular kind of bean called a White Bean, or can it be any bean that is white? I ended up using Great Northern beans, but not large. Help!

Steve Currell


gandalf September 12, 2019
You might try Navy Beans the next time; they are a white bean, but on the smaller side.
boulangere September 9, 2019
You'll be just fine. Larger white beans are known as cannellini, or in the US as white kidney beans. When I can't find the latter, I'm perfectly happy with Great Northern. Your dinner sounds spectacular. Are you accepting reservations?
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