What can I do with 5 day old pizza dough that has been refrigerated?

  • Posted by: Tasha
  • October 6, 2015


DM October 13, 2015
I recently made Jim Lahey's no-knead pizza dough and it was great 10 days later (though that's the absolute latest). If it looks slimy, has obvious mold, or smells bad, toss it, but otherwise, it's probably fine and the taste may have deepened.

If you are tired of your usual pizza, try something different, for example: grate a zucchini very fine; drain and squeeze; oil the top of the pizza, spread zucchini over, and grate some grana padano or parmigiano on top. Bake at the hottest temp your oven can tolerate, for a few short minutes.
Bevi October 8, 2015
This happens to me all the time. The dough I make lasts longer than 5 days in the fridge.
david G. October 7, 2015
ChefJune October 6, 2015
I'm sure it will be just fine. If you don't want to make pizza, I often make dinner rolls out of pizza dough.
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PieceOfLayerCake October 6, 2015
I would just give it a smell....if it smells strongly of alcohol, its over fermented....I can't imagine something as lean as pizza dough will have over fermented in 5 days, though. As with most issues of "quality and safety", the nose knows.
Stephanie G. October 6, 2015
We love to make garlic knots with pizza dough.
CanadaDan October 6, 2015
when i get sick of pizza but have dough around, i make meditteranean pizza rolls. I form the dough into a rectangle as best i can then layer on some sort of meat (chorizo or any type of cooked sausage works well), sliced olives, any type of cheese (permesan works really well), any herbs, crushed pine nuts (surprisingly good) and anything else you have lying around. roll it up into a log with some olive oil drizzled on top. bake it as you would a pizza then cut into little rolls and serve with a marinara and lots of good olive oil.
Nancy October 6, 2015
agree with amysarah.
but/and it's just bread dough.
think cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, hamburger buns, braided white bread, etc.
your choice.

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amysarah October 6, 2015
Besides making pizza? I've had pizza dough in the fridge for at least that long, and it's been fine. Just let it come to room temp before working with it. (No doubt an aficionado here will disagree, but this has been my experience.)
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