How long can i leave uncooked choux pastry out?

I want to make a multi tiered choux tower with different sizes choux and i wonder how long i can leave the uncooked pastry out?

Lis karsten


Exbruxelles October 9, 2015
All of the recipes I've read say that choux pastry must be baked while warm, although I think you should be fine if you're just concerned with timing the bake. It is important not to crowd pans in the oven.
PieceOfLayerCake October 9, 2015
As long as its covered, I don't see why you can't get a few hours out of it (after that, I would chill it). I'm really loose with that sort of thing, though.
Lis K. October 9, 2015
Thank you! I was really worried it would make it not rise if i left it for even 10 minutes but this gives me alot more time to breathe and relax! Thank you again for giving me a much needed answer
PieceOfLayerCake October 9, 2015
No no....the only things that affect the rise of choux are the ratio of eggs and the temperature of the oven. As long as you bake HOT (at least initially), and the batter is silken, you will get good rise. I've covered leftover choux and chilled it overnight and as long as I've brought it back to room temperature and gave it a few beats, it works fine.
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