Meat and potatoes

I'm making a rosemary cheddar potato soup with whiskey and wanted to use up some ground deer meat I have. I thought about making meatballs but don't know how that would work or how to season them to pair well with the soup. Any ideas/advice?

Lizzy Sanders


ktr October 17, 2015
Ground venison does not make the best meatballs because it is very lean and thus very dry. Venison is usually mixed with pork to help the burgers or meatballs hold together better and taste better.
henandchicks October 16, 2015
If you really want to serve the venison at the same meal, could you make an appetizer with it, and then wait a bit before the soup? Maybe some little meatballs with cocktail picks (retro!), then a whiskey drink, then the soup?
Niknud October 16, 2015
Uh....can i have the soup recipe please?
Lizzy S. October 16, 2015
I've never made it but I'll be sure to reply with a link when it's all done and tastes good to be shared!
Nancy October 16, 2015
Have a look at this nice short summary of five main flavor notes in venison and foods recommended to bring them out.
Sad to say, the soup mixture you mention isn't high up there. Stilton yes, cheddar no. Mushrooms yes, potato no. Whiskey does go with venison.
If you have choice in your menu planning, I would not serve this particular soup and venison together.
I suggest you defer the venison to another night. Or if you must use it soon and tonight is a good occasion, serve it with other flavors.
Nancy October 16, 2015
Sorry, one amendment. Yes to the potatoes with venison.
And see this on herbs & spices that go well with venison:

Lizzy S. October 16, 2015
Thank you! This is so helpful to have.
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