In the Instagram video (10/17/2015) the beer is added at the processing stage. In the recipe th seeds are soaked in it overnight. Does it make a d...


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Brown Beer Mustard
Recipe question for: Brown Beer Mustard

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Dessito October 19, 2015
Hi, I was looking at this recipe too, but had not seen the (extremely short-cut) video until I saw your question. I agree it is a little confusing looking at the two, but my guess would be that in the video they wanted to advertise the Goose Island beer (look at the CR notice at the bottom before the video starts -- this is essentially an ad) and showcase the bottle with the label.

Based on the comments below the recipe though, I would guess that the amount of liquid might be a problem in any case, so I plan to use 1/2 cup of beer and one cup vinegar only for the soaking step and then add more of each in small amounts while blending to reach to the consistency I like. (You can also consult the Alton Brown recipe for beer mustard -- his ratios are quite different from the one in this recipe.)

Hope this helps.
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