Anchovy substitute for bagna cauda

Made a parsley bagna cauda to serve with roast pork using the last of my anchovies. An over-helpful houseguest through the sauce out in error. (Grrrr!) what can I substitute for the anchovies or what other sauce can I serve with a pork roast. Thanks!

Nina Terrell


Patty October 18, 2015
Worcestershire sauce has anchovies among its ingredients, so a few drops may be a good substitution.
rengahan October 18, 2015
Got any fish sauce, better than boullion, soy sauce, or umami paste? Also, tapenade or black olives ground to a paste with garlic and salt might work.
Nina T. October 18, 2015

(Should add that the houseguest is my mom!!)
702551 October 18, 2015
Well, that's a crucial piece of information missing in the original post.

Anyhow, thank your mom for trying to help.

I don't know if you're at a point in your relationship with her to remind her that in YOUR house, she does things *YOUR* way (it's not HER house and SHE is the GUEST).

Hope the rest of the diners enjoy the dish. (My guess is that they will.)
702551 October 18, 2015
Just remake the bagna cauda without the anchovies and move on with your life. Or send the houseguest on a grocery store run.

Regardless, any kitchen helpers should be instructed to ASK YOU FOR YOUR APPROVAL BEFORE THEY DO ANYTHING since you obviously care.

Now if you'd rather have kitchen helpers without hurting their feelings, you'll just have to contain your frustration and live with errors from your helpers.

Your call.
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