Chicken enchiladas...make ahead?

Have you ever made chicken enchiladas ahead of time? I'm afraid to assemble them and refrigerate...I thought the sauce might make the tortillas soggy.

Stephanie G


Stephanie G. October 22, 2015
Thank you, everyone!
Smaug October 22, 2015
You could freeze them, but it really shouldn't be a problem. Just don't oversauce; enchiladas should not be submerged in a sea of sauce like so many commercial versions; they should be, well, sauced. The sauce does need to moisten the tortillas, it prevents them from turning to leather in the oven.
HalfPint October 22, 2015
Why not assemble the enchiladas in the pan, then pour on the sauce right before you bake?
Michelle October 22, 2015
I have made ahead enchiladas with both flour and corn tortillas. I roll them up and place them in the pan but don't put the final pouring of sauce and sprinkle of cheese on top until they are to go into the oven. Works fine. They are also great frozen and reheated without thawing first. If they are going directly to the freezer I do put the sauce & cheese on top and wrap carefully.
Susan W. October 21, 2015
I do it all the time. However, I fry the corn tortillas (never flour) in a thin layer of oil for a few moments to give them a little crispy outer layer. That is how you prevent soggy enchiladas. I do that whether I am making them ahead or not. Gives the enchiladas a great texture and flavor.
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