how can my recipes be featured on food52

i started my own food & cooking blog 7 months ago, can my recipes appear on FOOD52 ?
if yes, how do i proceed ? thank-you ... Georgios TSAKLIDIS
[email protected]

Georgios Tsaklidis (g-tsak from icookstuff)


drbabs November 3, 2015
In addition to what Suzanne said, the best way to get your recipes featured is to participate in the community. Enter recipes on your own page, yes, but also into contests. For each contest, the editors choose several recipes that they like, and the community and their testers test them. The ones that are chosen are featured, photographed, and included in menu or holiday ideas. Twice a week they choose recipes they like to be featured on the site. And every now and then they write cookbooks, and choose community recipes for their cookbooks as well.
sdebrango November 2, 2015
You can enter any number of your own recipes here go to "recipes" at the top of the page and click on add a recipe. It's that simple, the format is already there for you and all you need to do is add the ingredients and directions. You can also add your blog link to your profile page.
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