Making Chicken Piccata for dinner and was going to make quinoa as a side. Anyone have any ideas to spice the quinoa up. Was going to do just herbs and butter...

Lucia from Madison


RobertaJ January 22, 2011
Garlic. Saute some garlic and maybe some onion in some oil or butter in your saucepan before you put in the quinoa. Then throw in the quinoa and some broth (yeah, no water, flavor help there), maybe a splash of wine, and carry on with the recipe. The pine nuts and the cheese sound good too, along with the herbs, but IMHO, there aren't many savory things that aren't helped by garlic and onions.
Lucia F. January 21, 2011
Thank you! I added the pine nuts and some parm cheese. Very nice. Thanks for the help!
Angela @. January 21, 2011
I often cook quinoa in chicken broth. Toasted pine nuts sound like a great addition. Maybe a little bit of lemon jest.
pierino January 21, 2011
You might think about toasting some pine nuts in a dry skillet and including those in the finished quinoa as well. Also I recently found black quinoa (hadn't seen that before) and I'm thinking the color contrast would work nicely.
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