Green (unripe) lemon ideas

So our big elm tree fell over in a storm and crushed my poor Meyer lemon tree, so I have about 15 unripe lemons and I hate to waste them - any ideas? I would prefer savory (just because of the ungodly amount of sugar consumed over the weekend)



inpatskitchen November 2, 2015
Have you given one a taste Abbie? And I think preserved green lemons would, at the very least, look beautiful!
AntoniaJames November 2, 2015
Are they dark green? I've found that unripe Meyers that are a light green with a bit yellow will eventually turn ripen when brought inside and allowed to sit on the counter for awhile. (So sorry to hear about you poor tree!) ;o)
aargersi November 2, 2015
a couple have a hint of yellow but mostly pretty dark, maybe unripe preserved lemons is a new thing?
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