Suggestions to use mangoes?

My brother got some mangoes two weeks ago and refrigerated them, so now they're almost starting to rot even though they're not quite ripe yet. What kind of things do you suggest I can do to use them up because it'd be horrible to have them go to waste. Thanks in advance!

M Helen
  • Posted by: M Helen
  • November 7, 2015


James D. November 9, 2015
Make a mango purée with a little orange juice, steep some mint in there to infuse flavor. Then you can freeze it in portions and use for a quick sauce, marinade, smoothie base, dressing, etc.
rbrock1225 November 9, 2015
I'd like to second the recommendation to cut the mangos into chunks and freeze them. I regularly use frozen mango in this recipe ( for Thai mango chicken. Oh, and I substitute frozen, boneless chicken thigh for the chicken breast. As long as I have fresh red bell pepper and cilantro, it's a recipe that I can make from what I have in the pantry & freezer.

I also like to combine mango & ? when I make jam. I use the peach jam recipe from Jeanne Lesem's _Preserving Today_ jam with fresh lemon juice. Mango & peach is terrific. Mango & pineapple is good. Mango, pineapple with a some chopped candied ginger is incredibly good.

Enjoy the mango.
nashama November 8, 2015
I love Mollie Katzen's mango ketchup recipe.
mstv November 7, 2015
If they are not very sweet I would make a green mango salad and just leave out the sugar.
scruz November 7, 2015
i had mango pudding at a chinese dim sum restaurant. it is made with jello and is divine. some recipes call for coconut milk. although you might want to taste them to see if they are sweet enough.
mt G. November 7, 2015
How about mango pineapple salsa? Great on grilled chicken.. The sweetness of the pineapple and the bit of the jalapeño or habanero can camouflage the mango if it's not perfect
dinner A. November 7, 2015
When I'm stuck with a mediocre mango, I freeze it in chunks, for future use in smoothies. Even subpar mangoes are great in smoothies, because you can fix the defecits in their flavor with sugar or acid, directly or by adding other fruits.
aargersi November 7, 2015
Mango chutney comes to mind - this is a great one:

Or this

Good luck!

Nancy November 7, 2015
Or try Winter Chutney, which I first learned from Chef Allen Susser of Miami. Especially good this time of year, with cranberries, pears & figs. Can't find his recipe online, but here's a similar one:
Also, a slew of other mango ideas from him, from serving with steak or salad with mango & avocado:
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