Mango Canning Ideas.

I'm up to my eyeballs in Mango and am looking for ways to put it up (using a hot water bath as opposed to a pressure canner). I'm struggling to keep up with the mango production and I hate to see them go to waste. I've already made mango chutney so I'm looking for some other ideas. Thanks.



Hilarybee August 7, 2013
I love mango butter. Make sure to use the amount of citrus called for since mangoes are at the acid threshold for water bath canning.
Mike August 6, 2013
Here, mangoes are expensive, so I've never had too many. I did have a couple that became too ripe to eat, so I made mango preserves. Now, I went out and bought more mangoes, because I want to can some mango preserves. I just need to find out if it's a fruit that needs lemon juice or not to can.
Eugenia B. July 28, 2011
Mango leather uses up lots of fruit. You can also dry mango slices, to use in recipes.
melissav July 19, 2011
Thanks for the great ideas Panfusine. Definitely going to try the Mango Rice the next time I score some green mangos.
Panfusine July 18, 2011
@ lorigoldsby, I do have a is technically not a long lasting chutney that can be stored, more like a sauce you make on the combines all 4 flavors, salty, sweet, sour, spicy & a touch of bitter (its traditionally served on New years & other auspicious days as a philosophical reflection of how one should accept life!).

& yes, there is a sweet version, a relish that is made with raw mangoes with sweetened with jaggery/brown sugar (I'll have to check the recipe from my mothers hand written notes, will make some for clicking pix & post in the coming week.)
lorigoldsby July 18, 2011 you have a mango chutney recipe u love?
Panfusine July 18, 2011
@anitaelectric: This is my go to recipe for a quick fresh raw mango pickle: peel (or not..) & cut the raw mango to a fine dice( ~ a cup). Add salt, 1/4 spoon turmeric cayenne pepper powder (to taste), a pinch of asafetida. Toss well & set aside for ~ 1 hour to allow the spices to combine & the mango to release some water. Heat 1/4 cup of canola oil till smoking hot, toss in 1 tablespoon of black mustard seeds & let it sputter. Pour this smoking hot oil over the mango & stir to combine.
Panfusine July 18, 2011
if you've got a stack of green mangoes.. then may I suggest Mango rice. peel & Shred the green mango. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil till smoking hot, add 1 tsp black mustard seeds, & cumin & 1 dried arbol chile. when the mustard sputters, add finely chopped ginger & a sprig of curry leaves. Stir & add the mango, along with salt, and cayenne pepper to taste. sautee till the shredded mango is soft. Remove from stove, Add to freshly cooked basmati & fold in to combine. Garnish with chopped cilantro.
Anitalectric July 18, 2011
Mango pickle is the best! I am pretty obsessed! You have to use green mango or underripe mango. I don't have a recipe but I know it has a lot of hot chili and mustard seed. So good. If you can find a good recipe this is such a good condiment, especially if you like spicy/exotic flavors. Can make a big batch, put in jars and keep at room temp.
ecoteri July 18, 2011
they were serving barbeque'd Mango at the Duncan Daze fair the last couple of days. I think you could do that (looked like they sliced (maybe peeled?) and skewered the mangos and then put on the BBQ) then freeze them. Pull them out in December and moan in rememberances of summer...
we dehydrate mango here, it is nummy. and my sweetie took some ripe mango, baked in the oven (well, he peeled and sliced first) until they were partially dried. he blended them with homemade crema ( sour cream made with buttermilk and whipping cream, mixed and put in the deyhdrator for a while, makes a firmish sour cream). Plus some reasonably hotish ground peppers and a smidge of maple syrup. he had intended on putting this mix on Chicken but it was 'way too sweet, it became a rather luscious desert ....
mzmecz July 17, 2011
The squirrels got the biggest part of my harvest. I gave away two thirds of the rest and still filled the freezer and ate 3 cups per day with what I kept. It's a big old tree.

One happy neighbor gave back "mango marmalade". It's just pureed and strained with honey added.
Sagegreen July 17, 2011
P.S. I sure wish I had your problem. We just would never get a mango in our farmshare basket up north.
Sagegreen July 17, 2011
I would use some mango with honey and almond milk coarsely or finely pureed in a blender or processor then frozen as ice cubes.
Panfusine July 16, 2011
IS there such a thing as too much mangoes???? mango flavored yogurt..
sarah K. July 16, 2011
Would you like my address? Feel free so send me some. The thought of too many mangoes makes me woozy, they're such a rare delicacy. Have you tried freezing them? The frozen ones I've purchased have always been such a disappointment, not ripe enough. You could have them in fruit salad, or mango smoothies or lassi all year long. Just put the slices on a plastic wrap lined cookie sheet, freeze for a couple of hours, then bag in freezer bags.
usuba D. July 16, 2011
Mango daiquiri . . . Mango Bellinis.
melissav July 15, 2011
Love your response! Thanks for the ideas. Don't know how I didn't think of salsa. Definitely going to make some this weekend. How are the pickles? How long do they last?
JanaVee July 13, 2011
I have this same (not a) problem. I have made three batches of chutney, varying the amount of peppers and spices in each. I have made jam, using the recipe in Susser's mango book. I have made pickles--2 c. rice wine vinegar, 1 c sugar, boiled to dissolve sugar, peppers as hot as you like, and a bit of salt. I have put them through a food mill and frozen the puree in ice cube trays and bagged the cubes. I have made crisp. I have made salsa, which of course you can also preserve in a water bath. I have eaten them leaning over the sink. I have made smoothies. I have shared them with family, co-workers, friends, raccoons, squirrels, bees, birds, and other critters. In other words, I understand completely.
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