When you open a package of active dry yeast can you store it and how , for how long is good to reuse the open package?

  • Posted by: KKool
  • November 8, 2015


702551 November 8, 2015
How much money do you expect to save by preserving half a packet of active yeast?
Smaug November 8, 2015
Have you priced that stuff in the supermarket lately? I haven't- I know they charge $8 for 2 oz., when I can get 2# for about $5 at COSCO- I'm betting they ding you about a dollar for a packet. You do get a surprising number of questions on here along the lines of "I came back from vacation and my quart of milk smells funny; is it OK to drink it?
702551 November 8, 2015
I'm not one to try to fight this battle. It's easier to just give up a $3-4 espresso drink for one day or drive like an old man rather than press the pedal to the metal.

There are a bunch of weird inquiries here, like "can I shove this into the freezer to save 20 minutes of prep time?" Of course, they aren't addressed that way, but that's basically the question.

I don't actually usually patronize my local chain supermarket (Safeway); I waste more time in their checkout stand. If I go to my independent local grocery, they staff their checkout lines better.

At some point, I refuse to go to Safeway because I know I will have to wait in a line. Screw that. Get me in and out quickly at the local upscale grocer.
Smaug November 8, 2015
I've never used the freezer- haven't needed to- but if you do you should be careful to remove all air before putting it away, or you risk introducing moisture, which will ruin the yeast.
Jenn K. November 8, 2015
Another vote here for the freezer. It usually takes me a year or so to go through my 1-lb bag and it's definitely good at least that long. Same for "instant" yeast.
SilverSage November 8, 2015
Yeast, if packaged tightly in a bag or container, can last up to a month in the fridge. the same yeast, also well sealed, can last 2 or 3 years in the freezer. If you have a food saver device, I would use that to package it.
cookbookchick November 8, 2015
Like oldunc, I buy in bulk but I store mine in the freezer, additionally protected by a plastic freezer bag.
Smaug November 8, 2015
I buy yeast in 2# bags, which last at least a year. Store- the usual- airtight in a cool, dry place out of the light and it should last a long time.
Nancy November 8, 2015
Or put it in some small glass jar you have around, then into the fridge.
I think I've used mine successfully after more than a month, but Stephanie's guideline for one month is a good one.
Also a reminder to use up the yeast.
Stephanie G. November 8, 2015
Yes. I just sprinkle out the amount I want out for my recipe and store and refrigerate the leftover amount in a plastic bag. It lasts for at least a month.
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