shrimp ceviche

how can i make ceviche, mexican ceviche.

Nayeli Susunaga


sexyLAMBCHOPx November 9, 2015
Instead of searching your favorite "search" engine, I would go to the chef site's that are known for outstanding Mexican ceviche such as Rick Bayless. Check out this recipe:
702551 November 9, 2015
There are many ceviche recipes on this website:

Of course, there are many ceviche recipes on the Internet. Use your favorite search engine to help you find those.
Stephanie G. November 9, 2015
There are lots of individual recipes, but the basic procedure is to marinate the raw seafood in lime juice. We add cilantro and tomatoes and sometimes mango or pineapple. There are lots of variations on this basic procedure.
Nayeli S. November 9, 2015
Awesome! That's very interesting and sounds tasty. Thank you so very much.
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