how to cook whole yellow peas to make pea soup but how to eliminate the clear shells in my soup

Gary Bosco


Lori T. January 10, 2020
I'm not aware of any foolproof method, but I was taught by my grandmother and mother to simply skim off any skins which rose to the top of the soup as it simmered. If you soak the peas overnight and rub them while rinsing, a good many will come off and the rest will loosen. Then as it simmers and you stir that first hour, they tend to float to the top where you can use a small sieve to capture and remove them. The only other option is to choose split peas, which have had that outer skin removed. If you don't want to do this, and don't mind a really smooth texture to the final soup- you can also blend it when the peas are done.
Nancy January 10, 2020
That would be hard and I know no method.
It's bad enough taking the sins off cooked chickpeas (some do it whole watching tv).
But the yellow pea skins are even smaller!
Please let us know if you figure out a method.
And - by the way - what's the benefit of removing these skins?
Nancy January 10, 2020
Should read:
taking the SKINS off chickpeas
Some do it WHILE watching tv
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