Split Pea Soup with Country Ham

I have a split pea soup recipe that calls for country ham. The base is made with a ham hock but the recipe calls for chopped country ham. I don't want to buy a whole ham, does anyone have a good substitution?

  • Posted by: Vitt66
  • May 17, 2015


amysarah May 17, 2015
You can use a smoked ham shank instead of a ham hock - same flavor, but more meat to pick from the bone.
Susan W. May 17, 2015
I usually just pick the ham from the hock. I like less than more ham. It's more of a condiment for me. However, if that's not enough ham, I see ham steaks in the store all the time.
rt21 May 17, 2015
You could use a gammon steak
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