Would brown rice syrup work here? Not a honey fan and as much as I like molasses, many people dont. Thanks

Fudgy Bourbon Balls
Recipe question for: Fudgy Bourbon Balls


Nancy November 13, 2015
Or maple syrup or Golden Syrup, both of which have caramel flavors that work with the booze.
Sydney C. November 14, 2015
Thank you. I've never tasted nor used Golden Syrup but familiar with the can. What do you, like to use it for?
Nancy November 14, 2015
Sydney - I was introduced to Golden Syrup in a Laurie Colwin recipe for a very good gingerbread, which I still make.
Then, by extension, in similar spice cake recipes, on pancakes or where you'd normally use maple syrup.
Last, you can see uses in other categories (like duck breast or salad dressing) at various British sites:
AntoniaJames November 13, 2015
I've made these many times. You don't taste the honey at all, but of course, go ahead and use the brown rice syrup. It will work just fine. ;o) P.S. Actually, I think the molasses is a great idea. You probably would taste it a bit, but molasses + chocolate is a great combination. I think I'll try it this year!
Sydney C. November 14, 2015
Thank you.
Bevi November 13, 2015
I don't see why you could not substitute the brown rice syrup for the honey. I would start with a lesser amount of brown rice syrup and assess for taste and binding. Brown rice syrup is a common binder in healthy bars that are on the market. Good luck!
Sydney C. November 14, 2015
Thank you.
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