What is the texture of these cookies? My SIL is having a nostalgia trip about chocolate almond cookies mom made 45 years ago. She said they were...

...crispy/crunchy...are these more like shortbread



Oaklandpat December 25, 2018
Thank you Nancy and drbabs!
Oaklandpat December 25, 2018
Somehow I missed this right up my alley recipe when it first came out. My question: Any preferred type of cocoa powder recommended? Natural or Dutch processed?
Nancy December 25, 2018
Oaklandpat - since the original didn't specifiy, I think both would work.
Slightly favor natural-type cocoa (Hershey's regular or Ghiradelli) because of the baking soda in the recipe.
Since you're asking the question, you may already know all this.
Background info on differences & when to use each kind:
drbabs December 25, 2018
Merry Christmas! I’ve used both. I actually prefer Dutch process because I think it has a richer flavor, but both work.
Nancy December 25, 2018
Dr Babs - nice to see you posting. Long time no hear.
drbabs December 25, 2018
Hi Nancy! Merry Christmas!
Windischgirl November 15, 2015
So I made both Dr. Babs' recipe and the one from Smitten Kitchen (added 1 c chopped toasted almonds and subbed in 1/4c Cocoa).
IMHO, I liked Dr. Babs's recipe better, but my SIL said SK's recipe was closer to what she remembers. To be fair, I did bake Babs' cookies just a bit longer to get them crunchy. Sent her home with SK's cookies and am hoarding Babs' for my own cookie trays.
It's official! First Christmas cookies of the 2015 season gave been made!
drbabs November 16, 2015
How ambitious! Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed them.
Windischgirl November 15, 2015
Thank you, thank you! Going to try and make a batch today! And I'm excited that Deb has a directory...a cookie baker's dream.
Nancy November 15, 2015
and/or you can turn up many recipes from a search, e.g.:
drbabs November 15, 2015
These are crunchy. The trick is to slice them thinly.
Windischgirl November 15, 2015
Forgot to add that I am seeking a recipe but with little to go on. I'm open to other refrigerator cookie recipes with chocolate almond flavors that yield a crunchy result.
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