Would it be ok to use red cabbage for this recipe?

Jessie and Matt


ChefJune November 16, 2015
You could, but I wouldn't.
702551 November 16, 2015
From a flavor perspective, there's no issue.

From an aesthetic standpoint, using red cabbage will result in something much different than the photograph. All the vegetables will be bright pink.

It's your call if you want that type of presentation.

Personally, I would find it odd, but that's just me...
jonakocht November 16, 2015
Yep. It's just a little more robust than white cabbage, and it will dye your broth and veggies a blueish colour, but if you're fine with that then you can totally use it. (If you put some acid in it while cooking, it'll turn out pink-purple instead of dark blue)
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