A question about french flour

What type/ classification for flour is used for cake baking in France? T55 or higher? The designations are a bit confusing.



Maedl November 20, 2015
I remember seeing French flour at Eli’s Vinegar Factory or Fairway in NYC--but that was quite a while ago and I have no idea if they ship.
HalfPint November 19, 2015
David Lebovitz did a little article about American baking in France and he had links to flour comparisons that you can check out, http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2006/02/american-baking/
rt21 November 19, 2015
Check the King Arthur flour website they have at least one of the French flours and might be able to assist you with what you are looking for
702551 November 18, 2015
European flour numbers classify ash content after the flour has been incinerated. Here in the USA, flours are labeled by use.

This Aida Mollenkamp article from Chowhound has approximate equivalents between US and European flours:


Type 45 flour is the closest to American cake flour.

David Leibovitz has some notes on this page:


Good luck.
Incognito November 18, 2015
Thank you cv. Does anyone know where to purchase Type 45 in the US? Online will do. I haven't been able to find anything lower than T 55 "pastry flour."
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