Can I use regular flour instead of bread flour when baking bread?

I only have "regular" flour in the house and I want to bake bread but the recipe calls for bread flour.

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boulangere February 18, 2012
You can, but it's likely not to rise or hold its risen shape as well as if you used bread flour. AP flour has a protein content of 10-10.5%, where BF's is 12-12.5%. That doesn't sound like much, but in fact it's almost a difference of 20%. I'd suggest really watching the proofing time, both on the first and second proofings, and cutting it short to be safe.
boggler February 18, 2012
Bread flour has more gluten in it so the texture of the bread will be different than with regular flour.
creamtea February 18, 2012
you can use regular flour, but the texture will be shorter.
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