If I want to freeze this, will it work if I freeze after slicing? Or will the filing start to fall out? I'd like to be able to throw these in th...

...e oven before our Thanksgiving guests arrive

  • Posted by: Hemz7781
  • November 18, 2015
Little Mushroom Pinwheels
Recipe question for: Little Mushroom Pinwheels


amysarah November 18, 2015
I freeze the slices, which happens quickly, maybe an hour or so, then store them in zip lock bags or containers. Laying them out on baking sheets when you're ready to put them in the oven only takes a minute. (Btw, I usually save the parchment sheets I used for freezing, so they're ready-cut at baking time. Saves a step and a few cents too.)
702551 November 18, 2015
Since both techniques sound like they w, the main question is freezer space. If you slice, then freeze, you will need to make room for those cookie sheet(s). That could take up a lot of space.

If you freeze the uncut log, you won't be contending with that issue.

In any case, I would cut a few slices and freeze for a test run if I planned on doing this for a party, just to make sure this works okay and the particular filling behaves well after defrosting.
amysarah November 18, 2015
inpatskitchen would know best about her recipe, but I can say that I've made many puff pastry pinwheels and palmiers, with various fillings, and frozen them sliced, ready to pop in the oven (defrosted shortly before baking, or honestly, sometimes not at all!) Always works great and makes game day very easy.
inpatskitchen November 18, 2015
Thanks amysarah! Great knowing it works!
amysarah November 18, 2015
Forgot to mention, I freeze them naked (the pastry, not me) then do the egg wash just before baking.
inpatskitchen November 18, 2015
I think it would be best to freeze the logs whole and when ready to bake, just slightly thaw them before cutting..although I suppose you could cut them, place on your baking sheet, wrap well and freeze. I've never tried this though..
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