Rescuing overly thickened creme fraiche

I made crime fraiche and apparently left it out too long (almost 18hrs at 69 deg. F), and now it is super thick/stiff in the fridge. (I used 2 cups of grassfed local cream and whole fat buttermilk- 2T, did not heat them up first). Is the best solution to whisk in more heavy cream? It's significantly thicker than yogurt- is just softer than whipped butter. It tastest appropriately tangy, has a good color. Thanks for any advice!



camnleavitt October 30, 2020
That is literally how its supposed to be--the thicker the better. Don't you dare add cream to thin it--you will lose some of that cultured goodness and ripe tang. Just whip it a little to loosen it up. French chefs are rolling over in their graves right now...
Sarah J. November 24, 2015
I agree with you that the best option is to whisk in a bit more heavy cream, keeping in mind that it should loosen up a bit after allowing it to come to room temperature (and that the cream might reduce the tang a bit). What are you using it for? Is there any chance it'll be okay if you don't try to revive the texture?
Loves2cook November 25, 2015
Thanks so much! It's for a roasted carrot salad (, and upon rereading the recipe, I will be thinning it with lemon juice and water, too.
Loves2cook November 24, 2015
*creme fraiche and **tastes
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