What Type of Turkey do you brine

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I would be very upset if my choice(Dry Aged Free Range Bronze turkey) was introduced to anything other than home made sausage meat stuffing.

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max J. November 25, 2015
Thank you, but I'm afraid it does not answer my question. I am more interested in how or if brining would improve a high quality free range organic dry aged turkey.
I have been brining corned beef for years nothing would tempt me to use Filet mignon instead of brisket.
Susan W. November 25, 2015
I've never heard of aging a bird. We buy a pastured, organic heritage turkey from a local farmer. He's never spoken of dry aging. Are you referring to what my farmer calls "air chilled"? Is that the same thing?

As far as brining goes, I am hooked on dry brining these days. I think any turkey benefits from brining. Here's a tried and true, much loved recipe and method. You don't have the 3 days, so maybe you'll want to use your own method. Dry brining allows the turkey flavor to shine. Some don't care for brining their turkeys at all.

I used this method on a pastured chicken a few days ago and it was fabulous.
Susan W. November 25, 2015
I just read about the aging in your linked article. Now I'm curious about whether my farmer does this.
Leslie S. November 25, 2015
You may find this article on everything you need to know to brine helpful! https://food52.com/blog/9061-everything-you-need-to-know-about-brining
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