I made cucumber pickles with a variety of herb options. I am/was attempting a wild yeast, non-vinegar pickle (it worked last year...) This year though, there are varying degrees of a bluish scum on the top and cloudy liquids. The question is where is the line of 'skunked' and should be ditched versus skimmable and savable.

Out of 6 jars, two are clear, two murky, and two substantially 'icky' - interestingly (or importantly?) the breakdown was by herb additive. All grown in my garden. The clear was tarragon/garlic, the murky was thyme/pepper/garlic (light), and the icky was sage/rosemary/garlic/red pepper.

  • Posted by: KayBee
  • September 19, 2010


kyle_gene_brown September 20, 2010
I've read that both Dill and Garlic have natural antibiotic properties -- that may be helping keep some of the simpler ones clear (if it's a proportion thing).
sixelagogo September 20, 2010
i had the same problems with my naturally fermented pickles...really disappointing. Don't think i'll be trying it again.
Amanda H. September 19, 2010
I'd only eat the clear one -- better-safe-than-sorry approach.
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