Help! I don't have a spice grinder or a mortar/pestle, and I need to grind some aniseed. Any ideas of how I might do it?



Nancy April 6, 2018
Most blenders can grind spices if you have enough to engage the blades (half a cup or so).
Cindy April 6, 2018
If you ever decide to go with mortar and pestle set, that would be a best choice and here are listed top models:
casa-giardino January 10, 2011
I have a metal one circa 1915 from my grandmother.
pauljoseph January 9, 2011
lifestooshort January 9, 2011
Many thanks, all. I started with the meat tenderizer, moved on to the rolling pin, then the hammer, and finally ended with the pepper grinder--success! After all this I will indeed invest in a spice grinder. And perhaps I'll have to visit Kerala soon to stock up on great kitchen gear :)
Soozll January 9, 2011
If you have a pepper grinder, empty the pepper corns and add the aniseed and set the grinder to the setting you like. You might get some larger pieces, but you can sieve them out. When you're done, grind a broken up soda cracker in the grinder to remove the oils from the aniseed.
Gale January 9, 2011
Pauljoseph I wish you could too.....they look wonderfully efficient. I want one.

Grinding your aniseed by hand with something heavy while keeping it contained sounds best. Get yourself a grinder though, you won't be sorry.
pauljoseph January 9, 2011
I wish I can send you one from Kerala India it's less than 3 US $
Verdigris January 9, 2011
If more inclined to garage tools that kitchen tools, you could use a hammer instead of a meat tenderizer.
Greenstuff January 9, 2011
The bottom of a glass will also work if it's not to many of them.
ichibanbrianne January 9, 2011
a clean coffee grinder also works
mrslarkin January 9, 2011
you can try rolling them with a wine bottle/rolling pin.

or squishing them with a meat pounder.

place them on a rimmed cookie sheet to try and contain them.

Good luck!
aargersi January 9, 2011
Hmm - can you put it in a plastic baggie and gently pound it with a meat tenderizer or a small pan? That'll be more crushed than ground but better'n nuttin' ... oh maybe go over it with a rolling pin too
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