Help identify unknown spice in my spice jars!

at some point, I emptied spices into these jars and didn't label them. I don't know what they are. Any ideas? HELP!

Jonathan Naymark
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creamtea July 30, 2020
The one at the top looks like za'atar given the sesame seeds.
Not sure about the one at the bottom
Nancy July 30, 2020
How good is your tasting palate? Try each on the tip of your tongue, or mixed in a little bit of yogurt or sour cream to help make the flavor apparent.
My guess from color is the top one has a lot of turmeric, and thus likely from subcontinent (curry or tikka masala), southwest Asia aka Middle East or North Africa.
The lower one has some but less color, and reminds me of various meat and grilling rubs...if there's noticeable paprika, cumin and/or coriander flavor, maybe yes.
While you're tasting, ask yourself how strong or fresh they are. If dull, better to toss.
Nancy July 30, 2020
Should read: garam masala (not tikka masala)
Jonathan N. July 30, 2020
Thank you! I think one is a bbq spice rub - the one on the top - i'm just not sure about because oft the sesame seeds! Appreciate your help.
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