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I am cooking a whole turkey breast and boneless turkey thighs. Not sure how long to cook each of those?

Turkey breast is 7 lbs - so how long per pound? At what temp? Same with thighs. There are 4 thighs -pkg weighs 4.4 - so about a pound/thigh. Thank you so much!!!!

asked by Sally Howell about 1 year ago
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Amanda Sims

Amanda is the Design & Home Editor at Food52

added about 1 year ago

Hi Sally! This guide should help:

The thighs will go quicker than the breast, since it's on a bone—so cook them in separate dishes and just keep checking the internal temperature of them both. A good starting place (but it's not hard and fast!) is that at 500° F, it should take 10 minutes per pound of turkey.

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