Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving! I'm in a pre-pickle right now. I am cooking for 2 and decided to go with a 6.6 lb. TURKEY BREAST. The Recipe that I am using is for a whole turkey(12-14 lb) and recommends pouring 1 cup of water or broth into roaster with breast side down, uncovered. However, the directions on the TURKEY BREAST recommends that I cover the breast and whole pan with aluminum foil and at the final 30 minutes of cooking remove the foil. Which directions should I follow cookbook or turkey instructions? Or would it be best if I combine the two and keep the breast on a rack breast side down with the water/broth and cover it until the last half hour? HELP!!!!! Thank you once again!



KitchVega November 25, 2010
Thank you so much for the suggestions! I decided to cook it uncovered with broth in pan. Then cover after while resting.
pierino November 25, 2010
I would never cover a turkey during roasting (you won't get crispy skin). You need to be able to baste it at regular intervals. Cover it with foil AFTER it comes out of the oven, while it's "resting".
drbabs November 25, 2010
Both of those instructions are designed to ensure that the breast stays moist. I like the water/broth idea because it helps with gravy--we roast turkey on a bed of onions with water and it comes out great. I think either way will be fine. Here's our recipe for gravy:
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