can u use bisquick instead of all purpose flour to make pie crust

My mom had a recipe that u could use bisquick instead of all purpose flour to make pie crust but my mom recently passed away without giving me the recipe

Daisy May Posey


702551 November 27, 2015
Sorry about your loss.

While I've never tried it myself, Bisquick can be made into a crust.

There are a few recipes on corporate parent Betty Crocker's website. Here's one:

Good luck.
ChefJune November 27, 2015
Bisquick has that "self-rising" property that wouldn't work for pie crust. I'm guessing you mom was talking about the 70's fad of "Impossible Pies" tha Bisquick ran. You mixed up the whole recipe including the Bisquick and poured it into a pie plate. When the baking was finished, there was a crust underneath and filling on top. I can look to see if I still have any of those recipes, if you'd like. PM me.
amysarah November 27, 2015
Was it possibly a fruit cobbler - or perhaps a pie with a cobbler top "crust"? Cobblers often have biscuit toppings, for which I'm sure you could use Bisquick.
Kenzi W. November 27, 2015
Hi Daisy, thanks for asking! I've never heard of one, but I'd actually stick with just flour for now; Bisquick often has baking powder that you don't need in a pie crust. Here's a reliable all-butter recipe:
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