What to do if I used too much salt in turkey dry brine?

I was using another recipe that is similar to the Judy bird one here on the site. It called for 1/3 cup kosher salt, mixed with many fall spiices and citrus. I followed these directions for my 12 pound ish bird, and realized after that I used fine and not coarse kosher salt as called for. It looks like most other recipes call for a lot less salt. I just did this, so my bird has not been brining long. Should I rinse it off? Let it go and just rinse off the excess Wed night before cooking? Any ideas would be appreciated.



PuppyMonster November 20, 2012
Update -- I rinsed it off last night; all told it was on for just under 2 hours. I might re-sprinkle tonight with 1/3 to 1/2 of the original amount of spiced salt rub, after I pick up some coarse kosher salt. I will report back after roasting. I appreciate the help in the moment of crisis!
Peter November 20, 2012
I'd rinse it off ASAP. A 1/3rd cup of fine kosher salt is a lot more salt by weight than corase kosher. :-/ Let us know how it turns out!
PuppyMonster November 19, 2012
Thanks guys. I did use kosher salt, just not coarse kosher as called for in the other recipe. This other recipe does call for rinsing the bird after 18-24 hours. I am leaning towards rinsing it off tonight, but will read the Judy bird post again.
CookLikeMad November 19, 2012
To be honest, if it were my bird, I'd wash it off and start from scratch, especially since it hasn't been brining that long. Fine salt and kosher salt differ greatly in weight by volume, so if you measured for kosher salt but used fine instead, your brine (dry or wet) is going to be significantly saltier. See this thread for more details on converting from kosher to fine salt: http://www.food52.com/hotline/9452-a-question-about-a-recipe-russ-parsons-dry-brined-turkey-a-k-a-the-judy-bird So, if you only have fine salt, I'd just use the conversion and proceed with the recipe. If you have kosher on hand, I'd follow the directions as written. Hope that helps. In my mind, I'd rather waste a bit of salt and spice than put a whole bird at risk!
Omeletta November 19, 2012
The only change is that you used fine table salt instead of kosher coarse? I'd say it's fine- leave it as it is and rinse as per the recipe on Wednesday night.
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