Should I try to cook two spatchcocked 10-12 lb turkeys at once in one oven on different racks?

I always cook two turkeys for my 12-15 guests. Usually I do one the day before, one the day of, and reheat the first one while the second is resting (this works very well). However, last year I spatchcocked my turkeys and they came out great--and FAST!! I am worried about heat circulation around the birds though. I have a regular oven--not some huge Viking monstrosity, so I'm not even sure both will fit. But I'd love to hear what people think.



ChezHenry November 3, 2014
Could you cook a 25lb Turkey in your oven? I'd offer you'd say "Yes". Well then you can cook 2 12lb'ers, particularly that you have them spatchcocked. Again, these are not very big birds, and with the backs taken out, will be much smaller and flatter in total surface area-circulation should not be a problem. It's one of the reasons restaurants cook multiple birds in this fashion.
ChefJune November 3, 2014
If you've had success in the past roasting one the day before and reheating, I would go with that same program. Ifyou had a convection oven, I'd say roasting them at the same time would work. But I wouldn't chance it in a "regular" oven. You need both to be successfully done.
caninechef November 3, 2014
It takes some extra equipment and room, but our family has gotten to really enjoy the Christmas turkey deep fried. We always have another entree as the fried turkey needs to be small. So the idea that popped into my mind was cook one in oven and one fried. Use the pan from the oven roast for gravy, maybe with some help from stock made in advance.
ChezHenry November 2, 2014
These are small turkeys, flattened out by spatchcocking. They will be fine, but you should do the top/bottom and back to front rotation a few times to ensure consistent results. I remove the breast, on the bone, and cook that on one rack, the legs on another for a 25-30lb Turkey each year, works like a charm.
Susan W. November 2, 2014
My oven is 25° hotter on the lower rack when I put two half sheets on different racks. You could rotate them, but even electric ovens depend on air circulation. You could broil them if there was a lack of brown, crispy skin, but I am not sure I'd chance it.

Do you own a gas grill? I often use mine as an oven in the summer or when I need extra room.
Meaghan F. November 2, 2014
Agree with the other posters - don't do it. A grill was going to be my recommendation if you decide to cook them both the same day, although personally I'd consider sticking to what's been working for you and roast one in advance.
nancy E. November 2, 2014
It has been my experience that cooking on both racks in an oven leaves you with a sub standard finished product. You need proper circulation of heat for browning. I would not do it.
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