I ruined my entire family perfectly roasted Christmas Turkey! I'm not quite over it yet! Slightly traumatised..... still!



ChefDaddy January 11, 2011
Sometimes making mistakes is the best way learn. Because I'm sure that you have learned alot from this one mistake and most likely won't make the same mistake twice. To get over the trauma just retrace your steps and try to figure out what went wrong. And eduacate yourself as to what could/or should be done differently. Please don't let it deter you from trying again. Bella is right get back on the horse. The only tragedy from this would be if you didn't try again. Good luck and press on!
casa-giardino January 11, 2011
Your comment brought me back to 44 years ago when first married. Instead of buying a "frying chicken" I bought an old fowl used for making chicken soup. At dinner, my husband complained that it was very though. My comment: Why your mother knows how to cook better? We had one huge argument.
Don't dwell on it, learn from your mistakes.
bella S. January 10, 2011
Think about it like falling off the horse and getting right back on. Let good meals help take away the bad memory. You probably won't forget about it, but you will begin to put it in perspective, and will be able to even find it amusing. We have all screwed up in the kitchen. Just keep cooking.
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