What is a good alternative sauce for turkey, something other than gravy?

I'm planning on turkey breast for Christmas dinner (cooked sous vide with my new fun toy, the Joule). My family doesn't like gravy, but I think turkey needs a sauce of some kind. Any suggestions on an alternative?
I'm considering a mushroom "gravy" or something bright and herbal with lemon.

  • Posted by: lloreen
  • December 19, 2018


Eric December 21, 2018
You could make a simple glaze with Maple syrup, horseradish and ancho chile pepper (a la bobby flay). Lighten it up with some orange or lemon juice and zest and maybe a splash of gran marnier. That's what I did for Thanksiving and it was a hit.
Gammy December 21, 2018
I love the classic raw cranberry relish with turkey served either hot or cold (the turkey that is). 1 bag of cranberries, 1 large orange (cut into eights or so) and sugar to taste. Make in a meat grinder or pulsing in a food processor (just don't let it get too finely chopped). About as easy as it gets. Merry Christmas!
Miss_Karen December 20, 2018
Onion marmalade with pink peppercorns.
Miss_Karen December 19, 2018
Caramelized onion compote with peppercorns.
Pegeen December 19, 2018
Cumberland sauce. Magical citrus zing to wake up the turkey.

My grandmother used to make this for duck. I had completely forgotten about it, until stumblling over it a few days ago. It's lovely.
Nancy December 19, 2018
Your mushrooms idea sounds good.
Also, because turkey has a relatively neutral taste, you could use almost any sauce developed for other poultry. And what tastes do your family like.
Onions (about 3 lb, sauteed) as in a Palestinian or Arab chicken dish
Red peppers and paprika (Brazilian chicken)
Cranberry and port wine sauce (Christmasy and originally for duck)
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