Contest deadlines ?

Have the deadlines for contests changed? I've noticed that finalists aren't being announced until Friday and that the submissions for the Brown Butter Contest ended on Wednesday instead of the normal Tuesday. I know this isn't technically a food question but thought the whole Community might be interested.



Leslie S. December 3, 2015
Hi there, yes the contest for the Brown Butter Contest was extended a day to encourage more submissions. This doesn't usually happen, and we'll make a point of making it more clear next time. Thank you for your note!
Caroline L. December 3, 2015
hi pat! thanks so much for asking. yes, we have adjusted the contest schedule slightly so that we're now announcing the finalists and community picks on fridays, rather than thursday (which gives our kitchen and photography teams a bit more time to test and photograph the recipes!).

the recipe submission deadline for contests has not changed, and will continue to be tuesday evenings, unless otherwise noted in the contest announcement post (and we try to spread the word on social media and the homepage, as well). for this particular contest, we figured that folks might want a bit more time to submit, due to the business of the thanksgiving holiday. i hope this clarifies it—don't hesitate to let me know if you have additional questions!
inpatskitchen December 3, 2015
Thanks so much Caroline.
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