Wine stain removal?

What are your best tips for removing a wine stain from a piece of fabric? The one in, ahem, question is a piece of grey linen with a large red wine stain that dried that way overnight. SOS!

Amanda Sims


Amy December 8, 2015
My favorite go to for lots of stains is Kids N Pets (Walmart $5 for a quart). Totally natural...enzyme cleaner. I spilled red wine on my duvet cover. I sprayed it on there to pre treat and was going to wash in the morning. When I woke up, I couldn't find the stain. It was gone.
rt21 December 8, 2015
White wine gets rid of red wine stains
C S. December 8, 2015
We moisten the cloth, smear it with a paste of baking soda, dampen it further with hydrogen peroxide and let it stand about half an hour prior to washing. It works better than whatever the dry cleaner did. Mine are white and come out looking good.
mickle December 7, 2015
Wine Away spray--be sure to wait 20-30 min. after spraying and spray a second time until you see stain begin to disappear since the stain dried overnight. Can purchase at wine stores or Amazon
jilhil December 7, 2015
My sister and brother-in-law swear by treating the stain with a 50/50 mixture of blue Dawn dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide. IHere's thekitchen article on it.
irina December 7, 2015
I pre treated some white William Sonoma dinner napkins with Dawn and OxyClean before
washing in Tide and Clorox.
I threw everything I had at those puppies! LOL
mainesoul December 7, 2015
I discovered that there was a huge red wine stain on my off white cotton window shade. The stain was deep and at least 1 by 2 feet. The shade is quilted so there were 3 layers involved. I realized the only time it could have occurred was 6 weeks prior. I put the shades in the bath tub with Tide, Borax and hot water. I let it soak for an hour. I could not believe it but the stain was gone!
Nancy W. December 7, 2015
Pour boiling hot water on the stain from a height of at least 12 inches. It works for most fruit based stains in my experience. Learned this from my mom and grandmother, both with college home economics degrees!
Cav December 7, 2015
Why 12 inches?
Nancy W. December 8, 2015
I really don't know why from a height, but here is a link to Martha Stewart's site where she suggests it as well, it really does work!
Cav December 7, 2015
Continue to drink `1 until you no longer notice the stain
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